Bid on Blue 2024

Last week Rob and I went to our first, and possibly the first(?) Bid on Blue. This is the Alabama Persistence PAC‘s big annual fundraiser. Or, as PP volunteer and my friend Sabrina Helm likes to call it, Huntsville Democrat Prom.

Look at her! So pretty!

And, if you don’t recognize who she’s with, it’s our evening’s headliner: Roy Wood Jr.

I thought the evening was absolutely fabulous. The food was incredible. My expectations are always low for these kinds of events, but they were exceeded here. The venue (VBCC Propst Arena) was beautiful. The items for auction were excellent. I saw a painting that made me feel stuff and bid on it and won. Of course now what I’m feeling is, “Ugh, now I have to frame this bitch.”

Next year I’m wearing a floor-length dress because how often can I do that and why the hell not? And you should too! I’m also going to get there a little bit earlier. Apparently we missed the photographer. Which sucks, because we looked pretty good. Thankfully a friend stepped into the breach for us to record it.

If you went, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!