View of Huntsville at night

About Us

Making Huntsville the Best It Can Be

Advance Huntsville is all about making Huntsville the best it can be. We’re here to help people connect and get engaged in improving Huntsville’s governance.

On the second Thursday of every month we host a happy hour from 7-9 pm at Green Bus Brewing. Come by for drinks on us and conversations about politics with smart, mostly reasonable people. Our happy hour is a great place to get plugged in, whether you’re looking for friends/community, opportunities to volunteer, ways to get involved in local politics, or just a place to vent.

We also host a monthly business meeting on the Tuesday following each month’s Happy Hour from 7 to 9 PM. For more details, visit the events page!

We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel or compete with existing groups. If you’re about making Huntsville better, please come out and recruit from our attendees! We want people doing whatever they’re best suited to. There’s more than enough work to go around.

We welcome everyone of all races, religions, orientations, etc. Members of all parties are also welcome (though we are liberals, so authoritarians may not find much common ground here).

Advance Huntsville is a project of the Center for New Liberalism.

At the national/international level, New Liberals believe in:

Economic Growth

Free Trade





Social Safety Nets

Don’t like all of those? That’s fine! We also believe in working together on the things we do agree on.

Rob Clark and Cathy Reisenwitz lead the Huntsville chapter of CNL and launched it in June 2023.