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ADUs in!

July 8, 2024 | By Cathy Reisenwitz

View All Posts housing reporter Scott Turner covered Advance Huntsville’s comments during the last City Council meeting in support of ADU legalization.

From the article:

“Every day we wait, more and more families lose their housing or people fall into homelessness,” Cathy Reisenwitz said. “Economic growth we could be enjoying is thwarted. People are having to drive long distances. Seniors lose their housing.”

Reisenwitz has been advocating for ADUs at multiple council meetings.

“When you have more demand, more jobs, more people moving in, if we don’t increase supply in tandem, you get higher prices,” she said. “That’s what we’re seeing in Huntsville. It’s what we’ve seen in San Francisco where I used to live. That’s what I’ve seen in Denver, Austin and Nashville and Atlanta.”

Reisenwitz said that if Huntsville doesn’t make better choices “we will get the same result, which is increased homelessness, longer commutes, worse public health, more climate emissions.”

Huntsville puts brakes on ‘sweeping change to zoning’ but for how long? (link)